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Composer 2

Playlist management and scheduling web app

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Composer is NPR Digital Services most widely used web application. Every day hundreds of public radio station managers and hosts around the country login to manage their program schedules, import, create and export playlists.

It had been almost 10 years since DS designed Composer, so, as Product and UX Designer, I started gathering user feedback, talking to a number of stations and conducting in-person interviews focused on the usability of our existing product. Armed with that research, I set out designing the UX documentation (user flows, wireframes and prototypes) for each of the major sections (Calendar, Programs and Episodes). Our goal was to create a better user experience. The consistent feedback from stations allowed us to achieving that.

Our tech stack is also worth mentioning, as it contributed to the overall experience. If you're interested, it is a mix of Backbone and Node, which we store on Github and deploy through Heroku. It's a setup that allows our engineers to deploy quickly. And from a design perspective, I began designing more in the browser instead of Photoshop because of the open-source nature of the technology. The result is an adaptive design built with cutting-edge technology that stations love.

“Fantastic. Lovin’ the album art and the new search. This may solve 250% of the complaints we get around music. You’re my new personal heroes.” - Jim Hill, KUNC

“Everyone has agreed that this is a big upgrade, especially with ease of training and use – so many, many thanks for that!” - Kyle Smith, WYEP

Litl ABC Shore

ABC Shore

Edu-tainment for iOS Kids

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As the UX/UI lead, I worked with a small team of iOS developers to create a game for children ages 3–6. The goal was to improve word and character recognition using gestures, auditory, and visual cues in a fun and engaging way.

The gameplay is simple: Spell 3–5 letter words and win a prize. You start by digging for letters in the sand with help from a friendly crustacean named Crabby. He informs you which letters to dig for, similar to how a parent or teacher would encourage a child. Each letter is uncovered one-by-one to spell the word. And each completed word results in a prize. The child is encouraged to collect all the prizes to reveal a secret at the end (hint: it's about Crabby).

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State Street

Thinking with the business user in mind

At State Street, I developed microsites that were released alongside thought leadership and financial papers. The goal: Create simple and intuitive interfaces for business users that were on-brand and on-time. Sketching and defining user flows became an important task for every project.

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Illustrations and Logotypes

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I majored in Illustration and Graphic Design in college, so drawing is my first love. I like keep my pencil in everything I do, whether it's a logotype for a large corporation or a fully rendered editorial illustration.

The featured illustrations are from two different series commissioned by the same publication, Aeroflot Premium. The Russian publication, an in-flight magazine for the largest airline in Russia commissioned one series to illustrate 10 legendary cars and the other to show 10 exotic hotels from around the world. Check out more of my freelance work for non-profits, institutions and small businesses at rjgoose.com.


Bubucheek Clothing

Think. Live. Rock.

Get Your 'Cheek On

Starting in 2009 as a way to see how my illustrations would look on t-shirts, I formed Bubucheek with 2 friends and we focus on positivity and confidence.

In just a few years we have grown our reach to over 20,000 friends, followers and Instagram cohorts on social media, we have partnered with amazing organizations and we continue to give back to our community in any way we can.

As the lead creative, I develop the visual style, manage our look and feel of the apparel and maintain our e-commerce shop.