Converse Rubber Tracks Hackathon

All-day Hackathon at the Converse HQ in downtown Boston today. Starting at 9AM, along side my friend and awesome front-end developer, Dan Norton, and a bunch of other wildly talented developers we began coming up with ideas. The problem: Build new technology applications which utilize the Rubber Tracks Sample Library API created by

The solution we came up with was to leverage Twitter’s API and the Rubber Tracks Sample Library together as a way to create songs based on tweets. Dan dusted off some work he had done previously with Sound Manager and the Twitter/Node extension. We called the application ‘Twaural’. Here’s the deck we presented and a link to the LIVE APP.

twaural - about twaural-app.002 twaural-app.003 twaural-app.004 twaural-app.005 twaural-app.006

UPDATE: Among all the fantastic developers Dan and I took home some swag and tied for 3rd place in the voting (which happened around 1:30AM).

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